Kenneth W. Stout, CFA

General Manager, Western Canada  and
Investment Counsellor, T.E. Investment Counsel
D: 403-538-3811

645 – 7th Avenue SW, Suite 2400, Calgary, AB T2P 4G8
T: 403-233-8370 | F: 403-262-8789
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About Ken

Whether helping clients achieve their dreams, furthering his education or training for an Ironman triathlon, Ken Stout enjoys the sense of accomplishment that comes from setting goals, developing a plan and seeing it through. It is a process that has served him and his clients well over the years. An investment professional since 1986, Ken has excelled in a variety of roles, such as providing investment consulting to individuals, foundations and institutions at KPMG Investment Advisors Inc. in Vancouver and discretionary portfolio management for institutions, non-profit organizations and high net worth clients at Montrusco Bolton Investments in Calgary. Experience has taught him that investment management is part art and part science, that it takes patience to be successful and that the best way to help clients stay the course is to ensure they are completely comfortable with their investment plan from the outset. Ken joined T.E. Wealth in 2011, knowing that having the independence to select the best investment managers for his clients and the opportunity to be part of a team that is dedicated to overall wealth management would lead to greater accomplishments all around.